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The Truth About The Trews

The Trews are relatively unknown in the UK currently but have toured and performed with major bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Nickelback and KISS.

The Canadian band packs mountains of sliced edge melancholy rock into their four-some which comprises of  brothers, lead vocalist Colin MacDonald and guitarist John- Angus MacDonald, cousin, drummer Sean Dalton, and friend, bassist Jack Syperek. Meet The Trews if you haven’t already…

Rifts that will leave you wanting more, its as if they are just scratching the surface of their musical talent even being together now for 15 Years. Once you tune in to current album; Hope & Ruin – it will leave you feeling almost dirty inside but full of pleasure! there album could be described as a one night stand that you will never forget!

Anyone consuming hits like – Hold Me In Your Arms is bound to feel the explosive charge of 6 strings of rolling rifts and the Jack Daniel’s sounding vocals of dynamite danger and that is just one track out of 4 albums!

However, on tracks like Highway of  Heroes hears a resounding echo of Bruce Springsteen with a Celtic touch of Runrig… who knew, but tis possible!

To help make up your mind – if you love them or never heard of them here is Jonathan and I having a chat all the way over telecommunication device from Canada to Scotland…  watch out for the possible UK festival they may be playing this summer… so keep your eyes peeled in 2012 for this ice cool, Canadian catch that is The Trews!

Audio Interview by Christina Tatlow.

Copyright Christina Tatlow.

Nothing Sketchy About Newton Faulkner…

Sam Newton Battenberg Faulkner is the man, the singer, the writer and the performer best known as Mr Newton Faulkner! Known for dreads, Dream Catch Me and deadly fancy foot work with many a instrument from 2007 and beyond.

Faulkner has come a long way… having released two albums and one EP so far, recorded live sessions on air balloon rides for radio, also maintaining his chilled out and genuine composure whilst all the while through the music washing churned out machine that is the music industry and a 21st century world of Simon Cowell Pop dominating our charts, he’s managed it some how! Although, it could be said he is part of this cycle too with his own cover covering…

Moving on swiftly, an artist which has been described as pop and folk, toured Europe, supported the likes of John Mayer and had some of his music showcased in America, I believe there is a heck of a lot more potential to be seen and shall ooze out in the next few years from the NF myster…

After a few scrambling’s, musical journeys, lots of gigging, new experiences, collecting his thoughts and talents to create a new EP for the world to see. There shall be many a fan and eager ear this Monday (May 20) ready to embrace his latest and newest release ‘Sketches’.
With a genuine love for being creative, musically gifted, embracing fans and being a genuine person, Newton is most certainly not ‘over and out’any time soon…
I caught up with him recently at the Big Stooshie Festival backstage where by he tells me stories of him in his underpants… Bless and love the Newton!
Audio Interview below – Copyright Christina Tatlow. Click on the link to access.

‘Physically’ coming to a ‘hometown’ and speaker near you… Fatherson!

Think of the saddest eyes you have ever seen such as puss and boots mixed with a visual look of bears and sweaty indie traditional looking men and this would be scratching the service on how to describe this band.

A little bit funky…  maybe. A little bit wonderful… nearly. A little bit bizarre and cuddly… yep! Lyrics which are emotional and heartfelt wizardry… definitely. Mash it all up, put in a wash at 90 degrees and you have the Scottish band, Fatherson!

Three men, playing, experimenting and creating something that sounds awesomely ambient when live and when recorded, a twinge of Twin Atlantic with Idlewild as influence can be heard, by many means should tantalise a newbies ear.

Over 2012 no doubt at least 1 in 100 people will of heard of them I predict. Hotly tipped and being recommended highly should back up my theory – if momentum keeps growing for Ross, Marc and Greg.

On a mini tour from next week in the UK and having supported already the likes of Feeder and Frightened Rabbit they are slowly but surely climbing the musical ladder. However, as they remain cult, for now, I pride myself among the priviledged to of caught them on their voyage upwards into the music hall of fame realm and when they fly I shall be like the expectant child longing to hear what is next…

I managed to catch up with Ross reccently on all tings Fatherson… (audio link below)

Further Tip – Download from this Monday, for free – gonefission at their Facebook page.

Frightened Rabbit on a high land and tour…

A Scottish Indie and rock ‘n’ rolling band are due to be plentiful in coming to fruition in 2012 with a Highlands, Scotland tour underway currently and a new album planned for this year they certainly are ‘living in colour’…

Still being a relatively newish band on the scene and having three albums behind them they still have plenty to be getting on with in trying to allure the masses, but for intimacy and plain talking musicianship they are striking the right note. With a rugged look and caring nature including extensive charity work the lads are very adorable for all concerned.

A band which works very hard and deserves success; Scott, Grant, Billy and Andy should be mighty proud of themselves for their efforts over the last few years.  Followed by what seems like an under current of cult fans and known for their extensive touring to achieve results, I do hope 2012 catapults them further into the success they deserve, leaving no hole left un-turned…

Scott Hutchison (lead vocals) and I chatted whilst on their current tour and listen out for the toilet recording session reveals…

Link below to hear full interview:

Chatting to Frightened Rabbit.


‘What Utah Saints Can Do For You’…



Utah Saints are one of those unrecognised jems in certain realms of the music industry, but adored by creatives, fans, ravers, the welsh and anyone who was a 70’s child… Having managed to blag and sample many greats within their back catalogue of their illustrious and hard earned career’s such as: The Eurythmics, Kate  Bush, Edwin Starr and Chrissie Hynde. As you would expect they also  produce and remix for others from as wide an artist as Horizon to Girls Aloud… Not bad for a duo that have created music for three decades!






The duo being of course Jez and Tim… If your a U, U, U, U… Utah Saints die hard fan then all of the above will be second hand knowledge, if your a re – carnated, second generation newbie after the re-release of  ‘Something Good’ in 2008 you will be hopeful of their music and glad to hear a new release is in order… and of this new release brand new souls will be induced by a new wave and another decade of Utah Saints music next month as ‘What Can You Do For Me’ is released… well I say new! It’s the first track ever released by Utah Saints back in 1991 and was originally recorded in a bedroom in Leeds on a 1mb computer (for those of you remember the days of floppy’s and AMD computers you understand this statement! and its glorious sentiment)!  It features themselves but remixed by others…  Drumsound & Bassline Smith.



The single packs a punch and drops a bomb which you just want to plant every where.  As a tip, if you know a DJ or do DJ send this to everyone you know including all the radio companies, music magazines and your friends! As this is a brick too hot to handle and must be shared out to make a cracking Saturday night anthem of men, women and everyone else in between in the world – getting ready tuneeeeeee! Due out on the Ministry of Sound label on February 26st and available to download on Itunes. Grab it… I Highly recommend you do!



The single also as I see it documents three decades of releases, passion and drive by two bold men, a fight for recognition and a fight for survival for reaching the 20 year milestone they have managed to achieve in 2011… as a secret but genius revival they recently received airplay from mainstream Radio 1 and are currently touring the student music scene throughout 2012.

I managed to c, c, c, catch up with the pair back stage recently and talk past, present and future… (audio interview below).




Utah Saints Interview Copyright – Christina Tatlow.



Danger Danger Dick Valentine Creates Fires and Some Radio Gaga…

Electric Six are known for their outlandish videos, character persona’s such as: ‘Percussion World’ and ”The Colonel’ and that catchy and weirdly loveable ‘Danger, High Voltage’ track that thrust them into main steam success back in 2003. However, 8 albums on they are still as imianant, fresh and bizarre as ever. Electric Six are one of those bands you love to hate, you love because their different, or it the other reason you may love them as there songs actually don’t take a massive amount of effort to have to understand.

Classed as pop, garage, disco and all else in between by some they have 1 defining sound throughout all their records which would be those subbed up synths which personally I can’t get enough of.. . after a couple of line up changes in the band; they never cease to keep going and why should they with latest album ‘Heartbeats AND Brainwaves’. Which comprises of all the undertones of an E6 album, has lashings of synth character, dirty bass beats and chirpy electronic’s and effects in such tracks as:  ‘French Bacon’, ‘Psychic Visions’ and ‘Interchangeable Knife’. There is an almost ballad sound like quality to track: ‘The Intergalactic Version’  but overall the album is one you can never get bored of and I’ve always found this about E6 in their workmanship! years later you can put on one of theirs and still fall in love with the songs over and over.

On a massive round tour currently and in which began in September and is to last well into the  New Year from Europe to America they are aiming for E6 world domination in a town or city near you, and as such I managed to catch up with them recently from a shopping trolley backstage, I probed the mighty lead singer Dick Valentine on all things Dick and Electric Six…